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Custom Content Management System (CMS)

Custom CMS Solutions and Platform Development

MSCPL traditional software development of CMS platforms are Enterprise CMS solutions for any company and business. Our content management systems provide industry specific high-powered web presence and ingrained workflows. Chetu´s custom software developers design mobile app and modify open source CMS solutions for custom management. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of open source content management systems easily searchable on the Internet today. Content is the soul of any digital platform. Content management system catalogues the business features and advantages. To display the correct information in the right volume custom CMS development companies have different strategies. Myriad Softcorp caters a team of programmers and web developers to design the webspace as per business needs without affecting the technical specification for the content management. Our experts have proven experience in content management and offer the customization of the content on open-source technologies in the market. The content management systems include manage, update, add and remove of content on your digital platform.

We offer various consulting engagements in all of our technology practice areas, from infrastructure management to security to strategic IT planning to fit your business needs.


Custom CMS Solutions

Our experts specialize in custom CMS development services for high-performance websites offering a rich functionality set. We constructed CMS platforms and applications with editing, indexing tools, asset managers, search engines, and version control modules. We also custom CMS solutions with front- and back-ends development using frameworks, such as CodeIgniter and Yii.

Open Source CMS Solutions

We build beautifully bespoke content management systems. Our deployment of software modifications to enterprise-class apps integrates plug-ins for popular CMS platforms like Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal. We are specialize in configuring their e-commerce for custom CMS solutions.

Enterprise CMS Solutions

Our custom Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) are all designed to improve existing workflows. Traditional web CMS functions make it easy to digitize and index paper content, designate user roles, collaborate with coworkers, schedule publications, and automate workflows.

CMS Integration Services

We create and connect APIs that enable your ECMS solution to communicate seamlessly with your other applications, including programs for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), document and digital asset management, and sales and marketing automation. We also integrate centralized Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software, enabling you to study visitor demographics, user behavior and conversions using custom CMS solutions.

CMS Platforms with Built-In SEO Tools

While traditional CMS´s might require messy plug-ins to properly handle search engine optimization (SEO), our custom systems allow you to start creating search-friendly content upon installation. We program SEO tools to help you create perfect URLs, manage metadata, index and authenticate with Google, analyze performance, integrate with social media profiles and build ideal link profiles.

Secure CMS Solutions

Ensuring the integrity of your data and safeguarding against hackers is critical, which is why we program security features like Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), multi-factor user authentication protocols, simple permissions management dashboards, and automated alerts to mobile device upon unauthorized activities. We also integrate compliance and audit trail trackers for industry-specific needs.

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