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Enterprise Virtulization

Growing number of organizations are experiencing unpredictable IT Infrastructure growth leading to higher power consumption & air conditioning needs coupled with availability & optimization challenges. At the end of the day, cost drives most business decisions. Here is the short list of the best reasons for IT environments to go virtual:

  • Protect Investment in Existing, Legacy Systems
  • Easily Migrate Workloads on demand
  • Automatically Protect Applications from failures
  • Maximizing Uptime
  • Resource optimization
  • IT Consolidation
  • You only pay for what you use

At Myriad Softcorp, we offer end to end hardware and software requirements that’s in line with your individual project needs, our vendor agnostic approach enables us to offer you a wide selection of products and vendors to choose from. As licensing experts, we even guarantee the optimal licensing of your virtualization solution.

The role of our engineers does not stop with mere implementation, we go further in doing post deployment monitoring, Performance fine-tuning, root cause analysis and reporting. The on-job training & induction that we offer would enable your staff to be competent enough in maintaining & optimizing your IT infrastructure.

Our highly qualified & certified Technical Consultants have designed, implemented and supported numerous Server, Desktop and Network Virtualization projects including some of the award-winning projects. Our engineers use industry best practices and proven tools for designing & Capacity planning such as:

Capacity Planner tools for Server Consolidation – By running these tools, we assess the Capacity of Your heterogeneous IT Infrastructure & gain insights into IT resource utilization and develop a virtualization roadmap for server containment and consolidation. This way, we could help you plan for capacity optimization and design an optimal solution to achieve optimal performance.

Desktop Assessment tools – enables customers to capture detailed metrics and data about their end user environments. It also provides IT with an option to assess and quantify user, application and infrastructure requirements in order to successfully transform a desktop environment. Leveraging this tool, IT can accelerate time to value and ensure that their environments are right-sized to best meet end user requirements.

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