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Storage & Backup Solutions

Regardless of how large or small your business may be, data is an essential aspect of running it. As you increase the amount of data that you store, you subsequently increase the possibility of you needing to recover the data eventually.

Information is a vital resource and any business that is unable to recover valuable data within a short period will find it hard to survive and you need to be able to deal with data loss effectively. Data loss can occur for a number of reasons such as human error, hackers and natural disasters.

 The loss of business data can end up costing you a lot of money, in order to prevent business data loss, enterprises have to protect their Data across their heterogeneous environments and platforms namely:

Core IT Infrastructure: – One of the hallmarks of enterprise IT is its heterogeneity which comes with wide variety of platforms, applications, and work loads that often grows with the size of the enterprise.

Desktops & Laptops: – Unlike servers, which are always connected to a high-speed network back-plane, Desktops & Laptops are connected to low-bandwidth networks, making it difficult to schedule and perform automated backups. Employees of many companies continue to store work-related files using personal free cloud-sharing services outside the control of your IT team leading to data security issues.

Adding to this, Mobile computing has driven massive gains in productivity — while introducing new data management complexities and risk for IT and security administrators.

Email Archiving:- According to various research studies  ,more than 50% of business critical information is stored  in email which makes  it more important than ever to have an effective email archival solution in place that ensures business continuity and information availability.


At MYRIAD SOFTCORP, we fully understand the importance of Back up & Email Archival. Our dedicated certified engineers specialize in providing backup & archival solutions for virtually every platform in the enterprise today.

From government agencies to Manufacturing to SMBs, customers from multiple verticals depend on our industry proven data backup & Email Archival solutions.

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